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Our Certifications

Nos2 Research & Development Private Limited has received a Certificate Of Compliance for introducing technology advanced products in the Automobile sector.

Quality Standards

We are a proud ISO 14001:2015 certified company.

Aim/ Vision/ Mission

Teamwork is important to accomplish goals. We are proud to boast of having skilled experts at our company, all of whom indulge in working as one team. Our team of professionals grows and prospers together every day by performing excellently. From using the best technology to sharing the best ideas, our experts do it all to enhance the productivity of the company and satisfaction of customers.

Our vision is to put best efforts in designing, developing and producing Automobile Carbon Cleaning Machine, Car Power Booster and other products to well-serve the interest of buyers that associate with our company. Together as one big team, we are working to enhance our production capability so that customers get quality based solutions at the right time from us.

ISO Certification

We are proud to have received ISO 9001:2015 certificate for showing excellence in maintaining quality. We follow a quality management system to produce Car Power Booster, Car Engine Decarbonizing Machine, etc., of excellent functionality and meet the necessities of buyers.

Why Us?

If you are someone who is facing below mentioned problems in Internal Combustion Engine, then rely on us because we serve equipment that are designed to solve these issues:
  • Low mileage
  • Smoke discharge from silencer
  • Fuel stroke and less pick-up
  • Cranky sound during quick start
  • Vibration and noise in engine
Our De-carbonizing process helps you clean and flush the deposit of carbon present in engine. Our Hydro Carbon Cleaning Machine functions on electrolyzed water as well as electricity. This causes no harm to engine as well its spare parts. We are amongst the famous names of the industry, which has introduced World Class Technology in India in the form of Bio-based energy booster and Hydro-Carbon Cleaning process. Our offered machines control pollution (Carbon monoxide) and effectively flush 70% of carbon deposit. We have also launched Hydro Service product for petrol & diesel bikes, lorries,cars, buses, boats, etc.

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